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Kirsten Dunst Snags Activist Director Jacob Soboroff

Second Life Style, he snagged a Director. November. Click here to see. Surprise! Kirsten Dunst has moved from its dating co-stars. Yes, the new dating, the insider said the magician - tersely, however, one might add. Interestingly, we published one of Dunst first video of votes during the election campaign. Hey, you do not t seems that the source was someone who worked at the shop called Blick, do ya? Nah, that would be so tacky to Tattle on a score like that. The boy is lucky Jacob Soboroff director, with whom he working on a documentary on voting. Of course, was used to obtain the name of the store - which would Blick - in securities. 22, in NYC, L reports that the two shops were seen in a store called d art Blick, after which they returned to his post.
10.12.08 11:55

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