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Courteney Cox Gets Her Scrubs On

L actress has much publicized guest-star stint on the hour-ABC Sitcom Scrubs, which opens its eighth and the first non-NBC season Tuesday, Jan. Friends and alumni Courteney Cox Dirt isn t lose any time back on the TV comedy horse. 6, with my first Jerks.In meantime, the alphabet network has released a preview shots Cox appearing on the display Sacred Hearts as the new head of Medicine.Take a look at this and an extensive Season Eight trailer after the jump..
10.12.08 11:54

Kate Winslet Talks Yet Again About Her Nude Form

Playing a woman who enters into a passionate love story with a much younger man, Winslet Entertainment Tonight said yesterday that during the shooting of the film nude love scenes, it was important for her to keep things looking natural. Although his love scene steam before Leonardo DiCaprio Revolutionary Road has not yet hit theaters, 33 years, actress Kate Winslet is already spreading the word about her other steam in the next scene the director Stephen Daldry love the player.
10.12.08 11:54

Kirsten Dunst Snags Activist Director Jacob Soboroff

Second Life Style, he snagged a Director. November. Click here to see. Surprise! Kirsten Dunst has moved from its dating co-stars. Yes, the new dating, the insider said the magician - tersely, however, one might add. Interestingly, we published one of Dunst first video of votes during the election campaign. Hey, you do not t seems that the source was someone who worked at the shop called Blick, do ya? Nah, that would be so tacky to Tattle on a score like that. The boy is lucky Jacob Soboroff director, with whom he working on a documentary on voting. Of course, was used to obtain the name of the store - which would Blick - in securities. 22, in NYC, L reports that the two shops were seen in a store called d art Blick, after which they returned to his post.
10.12.08 11:55

Media Blender Kelly Clarkson Lindsay Lohan Mia Kirshner

Now that the turkeys were cooked, stuffed and turned into a brown-bag lunch sandwiches for the better part of a week, the holidays are officially arrived. Ahhh that time of year in which the capitalist secular flourish in the name of Christianity. Except with Black Friday behind us and for the economy in the reservoir Christmas might actually be on the family, loved ones, NOG spiked egg and cider and slurring a murderess Angel We Have Heard on High round the tree.
10.12.08 11:55

Left To Right Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Bill Richardson

8 called for its repeal; New Yorks leader of the Democratic Party to consider postponing a promise to gay marriage bill; Vatican vows to oppose decriminalizing homosexuality and psychologically screen of gay priests and Moscows mayor promised a continued ban on Gay Pride events. The soap opera that is the policy continued this week as his Barack Obama rounded group of rivals, announcing the nominations of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Clinton friend turned foe Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce. Plus: The Supreme Court ponders elected President Obamas citizenship, the California Legislature weighs on Near.
10.12.08 11:55


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